Solar Panel System

We have a plan for installing either seven actuated or ten stationery solar panels.  This would make us completely independent of PG&E.  We would remain connected as the panel output would exceed consumption for six months of the year and PG&E is required to buy such electricity.  This accelerates the payback time greatly.

The 120 Kw panels now advertised are $180 per.  We would fashion racks for them of PVC tubing as it is strong, cheap and can be easily adapted to make mechanically actuated carriers.
We have two plans for actuation using available hardware, a stepper motor or clockwork style gear reduction system as the angular degree of travel is less than 180 degrees and the controls are simple.  Where the panels would be held in a balanced carrier frame they will be easy to actuate with gear reduction that increases motor torque greatly.

Even ten panels for $1,800 and another $1,000 for storage cells, controls and wiring are an inexpensive way to eliminate a monthly PG&E bill that is now close to $1,000 annually and rising.  With sell-back payments this should be free and clear in about two years.

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